Gabby Douglas’ Parents: She’s Rooted in Faith

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas was greeted with screams and cheers when she returned to her hometown of Virginia Beach, Va., Thursday.

Listen to her testimony here..

Surrounded by dozens of family, friends and devoted fans at Norfolk International Airport, the 16-year-old gymnast signed autographs, took pictures, and held a brief press conference with the media.

The Olympic champion and her family shared about her faith and how it sustained her during competition.

Gabby and her family spoke more with CBN News Reporter Charlene Israel about their faith in Christ and how she’s remained grounded, even after big Olympic wins. Watch the interviews.

“My faith has definitely been strong. I have been meditating on scriptures and quoting some in London everyday to build my faith a little stronger everyday,” Douglas told the crowd.

“So I put on the full armor of God, and when the devil tries to come against you, you’re ready and you’re prepared,” she said.

Her mother Natalie Hawkins told CBN News, “She would just say, ‘Mom, I need my scripture, my daily scripture.’ And as she began to compete recently she said, ‘Okay, I want a competition scripture in there too.'”

Gabby’s busy schedule only allowed her a brief stay in Virginia Beach. She heads back to Iowa Friday to prepare for the Kellogg’s 40-city gymnastics tour.

During her press conference Thursday, Gabby answered a question from CBN News about her faith. Watch her comments below.

Gabby Douglas’ mother, Natalie Hawkins, said her daughter read scriptures sent by her family each day the Olympics. Watch all of her comments.

Timothy Douglas, Gabby’s father, said he’s proud of his daughter for reflecting the Christian background she was raised in and representing her country — and faith — well. Watch more of his comments.


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